We can deal with sanctions by using all domestic capacities

Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran stressed the necessity of using all domestic capacities to deal with outrageous sanctions.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) - In an interview with Eghtesad Radio, Farhad Dejpasand stated that the topics studied in the social sciences are not purely abstract, and said: The economy is also a part of the social sciences, so the influence of other areas must be fully considered in this area.

"This 'must' is important for two reasons. First, the 'Production Boom' has been set as the key slogan of the year, and second, the conditions of employment, production and the vacant capacities of the country's economy require the best possible use of all capabilities in order to achieve the desired conditions in the society."

"Today, the country is in harsh economic conditions, and the enemy uses any tool to pressure the country's economy," he continued.

The Minister stressed that in order to cope with the pressures, threats and sanctions of the enemies, all domestic capacities should be used to boost production and economic growth.

In another part of his speech, Dejpasand said one of the weak points of the Iranian economy is the low rate of utilization of production capacity in the country.

"If the rate of utilization of production capacity increases from 50 to 75 percent, there will undoubtedly be a leap in the growth of production and the economic prosperity of the country; therefore there should be a set of factors and plans in the country in order to achieve this goal" he added.

Dejpasand further said that improving the business environment is one of the responsibilities of the ministry, adding that "steps must be taken to achieve the desired conditions so that the investor and the economic actor, the producer and the businessman, can easily perform their activities in a safe environment."

Today, the reform and improvement of the business environment in the country have become an inevitable necessity and we must move on with all strength in this direction, he reminded.