Maku Free Zone, one of the best zones for exports in the country

In his visit to Maku Free Zone, Farhad Dejpasand, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, said the Free Zone can become one of the best zones for exports in the country.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- This year we are in a situation where we are particularly concerned about exports, especially non-oil exports and the function of free zones is important in this respect, Dejpasand noted.

Stating that the capacities of the free zone must be properly investigated, he said: In the Provincial Dialogue Council, we will also hear the views of economic activists regarding their economic conditions and problems and their proposals for resolving the problems.

Minister of Economy announced the launch of the first X-ray machine manufactured domestically at Bazargan Customs and said: The launch of this X-ray machine is the first domestic production experience and we hope to get better results from this system, and checking its structure is another goal of our trip to Maku.

He further stated that the rest of the country's customs will be equipped with domestic X-ray machines.

Maku Free Zone is the largest free zone in the country in terms of area and the biggest advantage for the region, the Minister said, adding that the capabilities of this region, such as the existence of mines and agricultural industries, will improve the region and the province.

Another advantage is the natural attractions of the region that can be used to attract foreign tourists, he added.

Dejapsand further said that the existing capacities in the Maku Free Zone could further develop Iran-Turkey relations, adding that Maku Free Zone and Bazargan Customs can become one of the best zones for trade in the region.

The free zone consists of 10 percent of the territory of West Azerbaijan province and 6 percent of its population, which can be a source of economic development for the province, he added.

Stating that today, the country is under intense American pressure, the Minister said: With empathy and proper management of resources, especially at the border gates, important steps can be taken for economic empowerment and a sustainable economy.

By identifying and removing existing disruptions and problems and developing a comprehensive plan for Maku Free Zone and Bazargan Customs, we will see its positive impact not only in the West Azerbaijan province but also in the entire country, Desjapsand noted.

During his visit, the Minister of Economy also inaugurated the MDF sheet production plant with a private sector investment of 120 billion riyals in Maku industrial town. The plant will be able to produce 1,632,000 square meters of MDF sheets annually.