Bushehr province, a platform for growth and development in the country

During the session of the Government and Private Sector Dialogue Council held in Bushehr province, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said: The province can be a platform for growth and development in the country by mobilizing resources and completing the value chain.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Speaking at the meeting attended by the governor, MPs, business executives and private sector activists in Bushehr province, Farhad Dejpasand also pointed to the amount of exports and imports in the first eight months of the year and said: Iran's total foreign trade has exceeded $60 billion, so that there were more than $31.4 billion in exports and $31.1 billion in imports by November 21 this year.

This shows that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been able to overcome the economic pressure caused by the sanctions, he said, adding: Overcoming the sanctions is a result of the efforts of the Iranian society and in the field of economy it is a result of the activities of the economic warriors, the private sector.

In another part of his speech, the Minister of Economy, pointed to the Ministry's serious determination to realize the smart economy, stressed: Providing services to the customs, taxation, foreign investment, banking, licensing, and so on, should be in an environment that does not need to be traveled; this and important goal is achieved through smart economy and the use of new technologies.

The Minister of Economy further talked about the unique capabilities of Bushehr province in the field of energy and sea, and said: If we care about the economy of energy and the economy of sea and complete the value chain in this area, and with the realization of smart economy, the unemployment rate in the province can be reduced from 10.4 percent to under 5 percent.

Dejpasand also emphasized the need to improve the banks' ability to finance the country's manufacturing enterprises and said: To solve the problem of bank surplus property, a system was set up to sell the property and the proceeds will go back to the banks for further facilities.

He said that by reforming the management approach and applying spatial planning in Bushehr province, the province's growth and development can be accelerated: The province can be a platform for growth and development in the country by mobilizing resources and completing the value chain.

While thanking the provincial managers for their constructive pursuit of the province's economic issues, the Minister said: The expert discussions raised at this meeting can certainly be helpful in solving the province's problems.

With constructive engagement, you should do your best to serve the people and economic activists of the province, as the private sector is a professional player in the field of economic activity, he added.

During the meeting other issues were discussed such as accelerating the process of unloading and loading goods in customs, issues related to cargo and passenger vessels, barriers to production of goods,
manufacturers' tax, and banking facility restrictions.

During his trip to Bushehr, the Minister of Economy also visited Iran Marine Industrial Company (Sadra) and the Aframax II shipbuilding complex.

In this visit, Dejpasand praised the engineering capabilities of the Iranian youth and emphasized the need to support national production, in particular the construction of equipment needed for the oil, gas, petrochemical and shipbuilding industries.