Iran Minister of Economy orders customs authorities to cooperate with producers

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran said that there would be no problem for any factory to obtain raw materials, adding: Customs managers throughout the country are obligated to cooperate with businessmen and industry owners.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Referring to manufacturers' concerns, Masoud Karbasian stated that the customs authorities of the country do not delay the import of factory supplies based on the priorities set.

He further stressed that the most painful image for the government is that the factory wheels would stop moving forward because of the problem of supplying the materials, a worker would become unemployed, and resources would be wasted.

One of the concerns of entrepreneurs and producers is that the raw materials may be left behind the country's entrance doors, the Minister said.

Karbasian emphasized that productive entrepreneurs should feel the support of the government and the Ministry of Economy, and certainly all management departments of the Ministry of Economy are obliged to deal with the concerns of production units without delay.

Given the allocation of foreign currency by the government to supply manufactured goods, I have called on the customs authorities throughout the country to apply pre-declaration in order to prevent any delay in purchase of raw materials, he pointed.

The Minister added that according to this order, the customs are aware that the supply of goods for production units is a priority.

From now on, provincial governors and observers are required to arrange meetings with the managers of the manufacturing units and businessmen to resolve the problems and report the results in the form of a weekly report, Karbasian stressed.

He added that they had already been required to make no decision without consulting the private sector.

In the end, Karbasian said: Customs officials will be at the Ministry of Economy tomorrow (Saturday) to report on the measures taken in the past two weeks in line with the President’s orders and the Ministry's policy.