Think Tanks should turn innovative ideas into effective policy suggestions

While expressing satisfaction with the performance of the Think Tanks, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran said the Think Tanks should provide precise suggestions to cope with the current economic conditions.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Speaking at the meeting of the Think Tanks of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, which was attended by presidents, secretaries and some of the deputies and officials of the ministry, Farhad Dejpasand said: From the beginning of the formation of the Think Tanks, we insisted that we should not determine the combination of members alone. Therefore, we asked various commissions of the Parliament, the Schools of Economics, Management and Accounting, the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, Agriculture, and the Chamber of Guilds to delegate their representatives to take part in the Think Tanks. However, there were also some cases that we independently invited prominent scholars to participate in the Think Tanks.

One of the functions of the Think Tanks is to provide appropriate ideas for the implementation of the inherent activities of the Ministry of Economy, and to face the economic conditions of the country, such as financing methods in terms of sanctions and removing the restrictions of currency exchanges, he added.

For us, Think Tanks are by no means a mere tool for evaluating the activities of the Ministry of Economy, though, it is one of their functions, he said.

The Minister further stated that Think Tanks can be a center to examine proposals without bias, and added sometimes some compassionate people have presented plans to solve the country's problems quickly, and their plans have been evaluated by the Think Tanks.

According to him, what matters in this process is that it is no longer the government or the Ministry of Economy which comments on the plans, but it is an independent expert group that examines the proposals.

We do not necessarily want to endorse the actions of the government and the Ministry of Economy, he said, adding: Sometimes certain procedures may have to be eradicated, which is a step forward.