Minister of Economy calls for implementing smart tax system

In a message on the occasion of the tax day, Farhad Dejpasand, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran, emphasized the need for implementing a smart tax system with a focus on curbing tax evasion.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- The message says: The foundation for moving away from the oil-based economy following the victory of the Islamic Revolution and its continuation in recent years has always given policy-makers opportunities to build capacities for sustainable non-oil revenues and to make an indigenous economic system. The current conditions and sanctions and the reduction of oil revenues are a golden opportunity and God-given gift to take advantage of the country's potential tax capacities, which will be an opportunity to reform the non-efficient oil budget structure and to strengthen the economy while reducing the effects of the cruel west sanctions.

The fruits of tax payments include greater security, better education, expansion of health services, promotion of justice, poverty reduction, and participation in the development of the country. Of course, it must be acknowledged that people's awareness of how taxes are spent will increase their incentives to pay taxes.

Considering the enormous capacity of religious teachings and rich Iranian culture, it is hoped that the payment of voluntary and honest tax will become a religious and national duty; and the result of the participation of the people in the country's economic management will be sustainable development, securing the country's economy from external shocks, maximizing the use of domestic capacities, enhancing the calm and prosperity of the society, and promoting the status and dignity of the Iranian economy among the major economies of the world.

I appreciate the efforts of my colleagues in the Iranian National Tax Administration and call for the implementation of a smart tax system with a focus on curbing tax evasion and with the aim of promoting tax justice, using tax instruments to help boost production, and supporting taxpayers who are good at settling their accounts.