Currency, coin and commodity markets are almost stable

The definition of the optimal point under normal circumstances differs from that of sanctions, and naturally, under these circumstances, one cannot expect the government to achieve the goals set forth in the Sixth Development Plan, such as the average economic growth of 8 and the single-digit unemployment rate, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- According to the Sixth Development Plan targets, we should have used an average of over $65 billion in foreign funding annually and invested over 770.000 billion tomans in the country; but in the face of all sorts of constraints on resources, we cannot expect these goals to be met, he added.

At the same time, despite all these restrictions, we had a $24.5 billion non-oil export growth and 5% increase in weight, which is very worthwhile, Dejpasand continued.

However, the country's exporters are breaking many restrictions in order to reach their destination, and this is very commendable and valuable, he noted.

The Minister of Economy further pointed to the stabilization of the currency, coin and commodity markets, and stated: Fortunately we are now in a situation where we are witnessing almost stable conditions in these markets.

In response to another question about the impact of rising exchange rates on inflation, Dejpasand said: 85 to 87 percent of our imports are raw materials and intermediates for industrial production, it means that when the exchange rate triples, the cost of supplying raw materials for intermediate and capital goods increases, but it should be noted that the dependence of our production system on imported goods is not so high and it only includes some of its costs.

The country's non-oil economic growth is positive based on the estimates in the first six months of this year and we hope that this trend will continue until the end of the year.

In the end, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance stated that the government's new method for the cession of state-owned companies would be announced within the next week.