We must constantly monitor developments of major banks in the world

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance emphasized the need for the realization of digital banking and smart banking, said: Our banks should not merely compare themselves with other banks in the country, but should focus on reaching the level of the worlds most important banks.

During a visit to Bank Melli Iran, Farhad Dejpasand said: The recruitment of young, specialized and motivated personnel shows that Bank Melli Iran wants to maintain and promote its brand credibility by applying new knowledge.

Bank Melli Iran should use a roadmap to emerge as the most up-to-date and agile bank and to have the most diverse banking and financial services, he continued.

It should be borne in mind that the credibility of a brand will not be maintained unless we preserve and enhance the power and foresight of the future and observe new developments and technologies in our field of expertise, the Minister noted.

It shouldn't be too hard to fill the gap between the country's banks with the world's big banks, because the development of banking services is fundamentally based on manpower and the banking system has the best, the highest quality and the youngest forces, Dejpasand said.

We expect Bank Melli Iran to become the most modern, efficient and agile bank with the greatest variety of services, by setting great goals and comparing itself with the world's reputable banks.

Banks can operate in such a way that they become the centerpiece of multiple services, including important consulting services in