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New X-Ray truck installed at Bazargan Customs

A new high-speed X-Ray truck was installed at the Bazargan Customs by the presence of the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA).

(SHADA: TEHRAN) – This X-Ray truck has been built by the Ministry of Defense, and four others will soon be delivered to the Customs Administration.

Following the orders of the Supreme Leader regarding the equipment of customs with domestic control facilities, IRICA ordered the construction of five X-Ray trucks to domestic manufacturers.

According to the report, Bazargan Customs was already equipped with an X-Ray truck, and it will carry out customs controls with two X-Ray trucks henceforth.

Currently, the country's most important customs are equipped with X-Ray control devices, and the customs’ X-Ray equipment has increased fourfold in recent years. The Bazargan Customs’ X-Ray truck is the third X-Ray truck to be launched this year in the country's customs.