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FINEX is unique in promoting the capital market

The head of Irans Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) described the holding of the International Exchange, Bank and Insurance fair (IRAN FINEX) as an important initiative which helps promote the capital market.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- We hold FINEX every year as an important event that plays an essential role in the promotion of the capital market, and this year the event will be followed up as a way to indirectly educate investors, Shapour Mohammadi said.

He pointed to other features of the fair, said: The increase in communications can be described as an effective feature of the fair; FINEX has found its audience and is being pursued every year with vigor.

"On the other hand, the fair, which is the country's largest financial event, can increase investment literacy in the capital market. In this case, people come to this level of knowledge to lower the risk of buying and selling stocks."

Mohammadi described FINEX as a marketing opportunity for various institutions and said: The fair is an opportunity to showcase the latest achievements of financial companies and institutions to attract their audience and customer.

FINEX can link the three major financial markets of the country, which would generate new tools for the economy and production boom, he stated, adding: The common tools and financial products that these three markets offer will definitely be helpful for promoting the capital market.

FINEX 2019 will be held from 22-25 April. Companies interested in participating in the 12th edition of the International Exchange, Bank and Insurance fair can visit the exhibition website at for further information.