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New financial instrument to be launched in the capital market by the end of the year

The head of the Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) announced that a new underwriting instrument will be launched in the capital market by the end of the current Iranian calendar year.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- All efforts in the capital market are aimed at introducing financial instruments that help to liquidate the market, Shapour Mohammadi said.

Fortunately, with the efforts of all key players in the capital market, various instruments have been introduced, such as call option, put option and futures contracts, he continued.

Mohammadi further said that the stock sale instrument will be launched by the end of the year and will be added to the capital market instruments.

Stating that over the past two and a half years, around 70 symbols remained closed in the capital market, he said: Fortunately, with the reforms that were carried out, this number fell from 70 to 10-15 symbols.

According to him, the call and put options will help investors to trade in the market and the instruments allow individuals to cover themselves in terms of risk.

Fortunately, nowadays, the number of those who are buying and selling is much more than the launch time, Mohammadi said.

He added that the futures contract was introduced last year and is currently attracting people and is undoubtedly considered by market participants because it has always been demanded by the market.

Over the past three years, 50 companies have been included on Iran's over-the-counter market, which was highly contributing to the greater diversification of the market, the head of the Securities and Exchange Organization noted.

There are now more than 600 companies in the stock exchange and the OTC market, so those who want to invest in different markets have the opportunity to invest in them, he added.

All these efforts helped to bring the total volume of transactions from an average of 500-600 billion tomans three years ago to 2,500 billion tomans, Mohammadi noted.