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Iran expectations need to be met in INSTEX

Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran emphasized Irans clear position on INSTEX and said the countrys expectations need to be met.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Mohammad Ali Dehghan Dehnavi talked about the new European action on INSTEX and the Ministry's plan in this regard, and said: The subject of INSTEX is clear, because due to the withdrawal of the USA from the JCPOA, actually the benefits that were anticipated for Iran in the deal were overshadowed, and the conditions were exacerbated by the restrictions created by the sanctions.

Our country's position in this regard is clear, and other parties must compensate for this defect, Dehnavi added.

The compensation for this defect is based on the JCPOA, and if INSTEX could meet the conditions anticipated in the deal, such as the ease of international trade for the country, export and import, financing, currency exchange, etc., it could claim that it has compensated the violations.