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Smart tax system helps reach tax goals

The head of the Iranian National Tax Administration emphasized the need for the smart tax system to meet the goals of the administration.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Advanced technologies provide an ideal platform for information monitoring, processing and management; in such a way that tax evasion has been greatly reduced in tax systems of the world, said Omid Ali Parsa head of the Iranian National Tax Administration.

Tax evasion is the most important challenge for the tax system, Parsa said, adding that it is necessary to access the information of all relevant entities regarding transactions, assets and capital of individuals to prevent tax evasion.

Obviously, the elimination of tax evasion will lead to tax justice, the full realization of tax revenues, and, consequently, the financing of current and development expenditures and the comprehensive development of the country, he continued.

Parsa further said that the country has to be run through tax revenues, arguing that if there were no tax revenues, inflation would increase.

The head of the Iranian National Tax Administration emphasized the need for the smart tax system, saying: By completing the comprehensive tax plan and obtaining the required information from the relevant agencies, we will witness a new justice-based tax system.

He also called for the full support of the country's production and employment, and said that support for production should be limited, conditional, and guaranteed, and that only genuine producers should benefit from these supports.

Stating that the purpose of the tax system is not merely taxing, Parsa said: The main objective of the tax system is to provide transparency and economic well-being of the country; in other words, the main goal of the tax system is to thrive for sustainable development of the country.