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Launch of smart customs system is a necessity

Mehdi Mirashrafi, Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, says all customs services will be virtual, smart and available on smartphones in the future.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Mehdi Mirashrafi talked about the future plans of the Customs Administration in the field of smart services and said: We are trying to provide services electronically and we are looking to launch the Mobile Customs system. This means that an individual does not need to be behind a computer to use customs services, but he can get some services on the web, even on buses, subways and workplaces. In addition, in the near future we will launch a domestic messenger application which can link all the stakeholders and customs partners at the lowest cost.

The electronic use of non-intrusive controls such as RFID is also in our agenda. By using this system, the transit cycle will be easier with fewer violations. In addition, data exchange will take place through detector devices such as X-rays, and information exchange will be possible between customs and stakeholders such as the police, Mirashrafi added.

Today, electronic and smart customs services are no longer a choice, but a necessity. In a world where information explosion is actually happening and no one goes out of the house to do their jobs, organizations need to be dynamic enough to provide all their services electronically and people spend the least amount of energy to get a service.

He also pointed to the need for greater coordination of other organizations with customs and said: Since more than 30 organizations are involved in the business process, we expect business-related organizations to care for such an important issue and spend the necessary energy and credit to deliver a service in a seamless, easy, low-cost way and in a reasonable time.