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Special opportunity to benefit from tax amnesty

The head of the National Tax Administration says this year is the last opportunity for taxpayers to benefit from complete forgiveness of forgivable tax offences.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Referring to the directives No. 200/98/41 dated 1398/5/8 as well as the 200/98/45 dated 1398/5/27, Omid Ali Parsa said: This exemption was issued solely for the purpose of supporting economic operators and in view of the specific economic conditions of the country, and in the coming years, we will not see a tax exemption; Therefore, it is necessary for economic activists, especially those in the field of production, to make full use of these legal facilities.

Rejecting the notion that the 90 to 100 percent tax exemption will be repeated every year, he said: Certainly the government's support for the nongovernmental sector must always be limited, conditional, reductive and guaranteed.

He further stated that subject to the provisions of Article 191 of the Direct Taxes Act and other relevant provisions, regarding debt incurred after 1399/1/1, the maximum remission of pardonable offenses for taxpayers of production units and other taxpayers will be 70% and 50% respectively.

The head of the National Tax Administration reiterated the use of this legal capacity by economic activists and said that if taxpayers fail to pay their tax debt by the end of this year, their offences will not be forgiven.

Parsa also emphasized that taxpayers can get rid of the heavy burden of penalties by simply visiting the tax offices and paying off the debt without wasting time and energy with the utmost ease and dignity.