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Government support led to capital market growth

The Head of the Stock Exchange Organization says the reasons for the capital markets growth are liquidity growth and the governments support for raising the capital of the stock companies.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- On the reasons for the 5464-unit increase in the total index of the stock market today, Shapour Mohammadi said: I think the positive atmosphere of the capital market, the growth of liquidity, the government's support for raising the capital of the stock companies, as well as the Economic Coordination Council's decision to increase the capital of stock companies are the most important reasons for the growth of the Tehran Stock Exchange index.

Shareholders are advised to enter the capital market with analysis, and new shareholders should pass on the necessary training and avoid buying a single share, he continued.

Stating that people should not pay attention to rumors, Mohammadi said: The shareholders in this market should specify their investment horizon and newcomers should buy mutual funds' units instead of directly buying corporate shares.

The head of the Stock Exchange Organization also said that there are risks and returns in the capital market and added: Although some companies have a lucrative opportunity, investors are still advised to enter the market with analysis.