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Country needs 50 x-ray machines

It is estimated that in addition to the 16 X-ray machines operating in the customs of the country, we need 50 more, Mirashrafi, Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, said.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- All the customs of the world are moving towards intangible methods of control, Mehdi Mirashrafi noted.

This year, X-ray machines available at the Customs were able to serve Arbaeen ceremony at the southern and western borders well, he stated.

Domestic manufacturers can supply the bulk of the need for customs; and in this regard, five X-ray machines have been purchased from the Ministry of Defense, two of which are active, and the remaining three are due to be delivered by the end of the year, Mirashrafi continued.

Mir Ashrafi also commented on new customs contracts for the purchase of the X-ray machines, and said: In previous contracts with the BOT method, it would be invested to build a device and then it would be delivered to the owner, but in the new method, called BOO, the investor will permanently own the device.

In the new method of the contract, a contract has just been signed with one of the domestic manufacturers that will install an X-ray machine in the country's largest customs outlet in the next ten months.

We had good meetings with the country's chamber of commerce; and in the case of outsourcing, there are good things happening for domestic producers, Mirashrafi stated.

On how to contract with domestic producers, he said: Earlier this year we issued a public call for investors and domestic producers to purchase and install X-ray machines in customs.