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96 percent of cessions have been successful

The head of the Iranian Privatization Organization says free access to information is the priority of the government for transparency and accountability to the people.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- At the thirty-second meeting of the Public Relations Information Council of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, Alireza Saleh praised the measures taken by the Ministry of Economy's public relations department, and said: One of the main points of information dissemination in the Privatization Organization is to inform both the actions taken and future plans.

Accordingly, if we fail to provide proper information on the set of actions taken, we have not created a true picture of our performance in the mind of the community, he added.

Saleh pointed out that since the establishment of the Privatization Organization more than 150 trillion tomans worth of cessions have been done, and added: Of this amount, about 145 trillion tomans have been successfully ceded and only about 5 trillion tomans worth of cessions, which comprise 4% of all cessions, have had problems.

Saying that the Privatization Organization should provide 100 percent of the information to the public, he stated: Accordingly, one of the first steps to be taken in this regard is to transform the privatization organization into a glass chamber.

Salehi further said that in recent months the Privatization Organization has published the information of all enterprises which can be ceded.

In the next step, we intend to set up a monitoring system in the organization to increase oversight after companies are ceded, he continued.

Regarding information transparency, Saleh also said: We are planning to provide all our cessions in the stock exchange so that they can be done more transparently.

In addition to the actions mentioned above, we are also planning to visit the ceded enterprises in a timely manner to check the accuracy of the information and reports submitted by buyers, he noted.