1-  Addressing the claims/complaints of tax payers

 2- Qualification, selection and introduction of the official accountants

 3- Issuing different licences related to the vehicles of the public organisations

4- Issuing the licence required for numbering/registration of the purchased cars

 5- Issuing the licence for the transfer of the public vehicles’ ownership 

 6- Issuing the licence for omission of the public old cars

 7-  Issuing the license of the commission for purchase, sale and transfer of public vehicles

 8- Issuing the sale deed of the public vehicles

 9-  Issuance of a license for the replacement of public utility vehicles

 11- Service title:Issuing the certificate for making the ownership deeds of non-transferable properties of the executive organizations one-page document implementation of the Article no. 27 of( the 2013 Budget Executive
. )Regulations

  12- Issuing the certificate for correction or issuing the the deeds of the estates and lands belonging to the executive organizations (implementation of the clause no. 10 of the Article 26 of the
.)Public Properties Regulation

  13- Issuance of a copy of the certificate for the missing documents of executive agencies (implementation of Note 4 of Article 120 of the Law on Amendments to the Registration Law)

  14- Issuing the order for publication and distribution of different securities and .control bills

 15- Handling and issuing the licence forpayment of bad/false debts

  16- Addressing the the application for time extension or installation of people’s debts to public organizations

Participation in dedication of credit and its communication

 18- Determining the annual partial payment and prepayment having no (or lacking some) document/proof/s

  19- Developing Accounting Standards Instructions and Procedures for the general sector and answering the inquiries  

  20- Preparing the annual fund performance account of the State and its correction

  21- Paying the Salary of the government’s staff

  22- Paying the credits required for acquiring the capital properties

  23- Payment of cost credits (other)

 24- Receiving and paying the executive organisations deposit

 25- Measuring the income and confirming the amount of income

  26- Receiving special evenues and paying special credits for executive agencies

  27- Paying the detection right of the goods and foreign currency and returning the

  28- Collecting the Government share profit (Central Treasure Office)

  29- Surveying, approval of proposed budget of insurances, banks & funds.

  30- Issue of related permission to eliminate red tape of state banks tenders

 31- Surveying & approval of financial statement of banks ,insurance & funds (state /transferred

 32- Compilation of reports on the compliance of investment funds

 33- Identifying of loss state companies that their activity is mandatory in the state section.

  34-  Selection of auditor & legal inspector (controller)

  35-  Surveying & approval of state companies affairs (in the state framework companies)

  36- Facilitating & organizing of “business process” permission issuance.

  37- Auditing the non/public institutes

  38- Financial Supervision through appointing the accountants of the executive organs